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Hello Team,

I want to share my document library files externally. My settings tenant level is as below



I then added two groups who can do the sharing as below




When I try to share externally with a user with gmail account. I am able to send invite, User is able to receive email, user gets a verification code, once I enetr the verification code, I get the below error




Error with issue User Not in Directory


My question  Since i have tenetwide permission for New and existing users. why this error is flagging up  as User is not in the directory.

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Hello, you have to look at the site-level sharing settings too. The org-wide is simply the overall allowed sharing but the sites you create have different levels of external sharing settings depending on what type it is.



*edit* I read too fast. Try using InPrivate or Incognito sessions or separate browser profiles as you can send the invite. Probably cached credentials causing this.

@ChristianJBergstrom  This is a document library. So is there away I can set permissions for the Document library

This will make the guest experience more seamless not ending up with those kind of prompts when sharing externally https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/sharepoint-azureb2b-integration#enabling-the-integration




My email settings seems right. I am able to receive the OTP. Once I typein OTP it gives the error as above

You're using legacy SharePoint OTP. That's a mess with personal accounts. Follow the guidance in the link above or change the above setting to the option in the middle.