External Sharing One folder with Organization Restrictions

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I manage office 365 and i have restricted my external sharing only to a particular security group (Admin Group) who can share files to anyone.


so we have various sites for each departments and I want to share one folder files in a site to Anyone outside the organization with view access.

but only few peoples can have that access and that too only to that folders ..where they should also should not have sharing any other files outside the folder.


so how can this be done without making anyone else getting sharing access.


What is the best way to set this up?


I appreciate your help

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Hi @Sambathar 

As you have a site per department, you need to designate someone from each department as part of your security group, so they can manage the external sharing per site.

hi@NanddeepNachan  ,the issue here is if i create a new security group with few users it is not working(it is not allowing people to share) even after adding them in exclude security group option ,but if i use a default security group ie,sharepoint administrator it works (allows people to share ) . and when i add a person in that group they can share any folder inside that site and their personal drive too right .which we dont want only one folder in that site needs to have sharing access and that person can also only have external sharing for that folder only nowhere there any way to do that type of granting access ..

(i can set the group sharing to anyone and restrict others from sharing outside using security group option but there are these issues like creating group not working and that person has additional access of file sharing too).

It could be helpful if there is anyway we can set a particular permission where the user has only specific folder access



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Hi @Sambathar 

Once you have enabled the external sharing, you cannot control if only a specific folder can be shared. 


As a corrective measure, from the Audit logs you can monitor the Shared file, folder, or site activity for what is being shared by your users.

thanks for your clarification...

Hi @Sambathar 

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