External sharing not working on certain sites

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So i have set my share point and one drive to the most permissible settings, anyone with the link can view, but for some sites there is no external sharing allowed and some you can


I know you can set sharing by site too, and on the ones where external sharing is disabled they were set to no external sharing, but turning on external sharing hasn't fixed the problem....


does it just take time for these settings to take effect? its been about 20 minutes since it says it has updated the settings

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Normally it is instant. You would need to reload the page before the Sharing box picked up the new settings, sorry for stating the obvious.  


Have another try now and let me know how you get on.

@Andrew Hodges  hey still having the issue


So on my Hub site there is a library that cant be shared externally


then I have a sub site with a Library that can be shared externally


the account im trying to share from has read access on both sites, and i have turned on external sharing for both sites,


I can Share from it from the admin account i used to create the site

Hi @NoahK9K ,


A read only account won't be able to share a library. You need to have full control over that library to be able to share the library and you won't be able to do that from the Share dialogue you have to do it through cog - > Library settings -> library permissions. 


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