External Sharing : extranet vs intranet

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We're moving from Dropbox to SPO.

Within SP an intranet site was created (hub site + hubs) with a site per department.

Within each department some document libraries.

Our marketing department wants to share documents from their libraries with external users (as they did with Dropbox) but do NOT want just a link to be sent to external users (because "that's what we already did before and we want to give our partners a better experience").


For that, we created a separate extranet site.

But the documents to share are on the intranet site.

How do we go about to share documents from a document library residing on the intranet site on our extranet site without duplicating the data??

I thought about using the 'highlighted content' web part but that will not do the trick.


Thanks for any insights and/or help!

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