Exporting table from Excel to SharePoint list creates problematic view

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I am helping a nonprofit and am not a SharePoint expert. On an ongoing basis, the nonprofit's staff creates workbooks in Excel and needs to export worksheets to create new SharePoint lists. The procedure for doing so as outlined here creates the list correctly but the view is very strange and basically unusable.


Specifically, the resulting view has a different name (allitemsg.aspx rather than allitems.aspx) and the view displays in quick edit / grid edit view for logged-in users. Also, because the organization's site is on the Internet, it is designed for anonymous users (clients of the org) to access it, and with this view, anonymous users are unable to see any rows / records. All they see are the column headers.


I was able to recreate the same view manually and that view works fine so the issue seems to be the view rather than the list. I compared everything I could think of -- permissions, all kinds of view settings, etc. -- and can't see any differences. The auto-created view just seems broken.


Has anyone else seen this problem? Is Microsoft aware of the issue? The non-profit recently upgraded to SharePoint 2019 on-prem. I was able to duplicate the error in an O365 account with SharePoint online (owned by a completely-different organization) so I am reasonably-confident the problem is not unique to the non-profit's installation.


I realize that the organization could instead import the Excel files from the SharePoint side but that workflow doesn't work for their staff for various reasons.


Oh, and, one can exit grid view using the UI but the URL doesn't change, which means that the view always starts in edit mode (which may be the reason that anonymous users can't see anything, since they don't have editing permissions).



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We have the exact same issue and was wondering how or if you ever resolved it? 

  Thanks in advance.