Expiration of guest permissions: Site owners not notified

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Hey there.

Is it by design that members of the site owners security group are not supposed to get neither an e-mail notification about pending guest permissions expirations nor the banner message on the site?


In our tenant only site collection admins get those. Thus far, I wasn't able to find a setting to change that.

Any ideas?



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Hi @Olf - for sites not connected to M365 Groups, a banner should display on the homepage 2-3 weeks before expiration date and site owners can extend. By design, the email only goes to the Site Collection Admin.


For M365 groups (Teams/Planner/Modern Team Sites), a global admin can configure guest access reviews that ask group owners to confirm their guests still need access. Cadence dependent on how it was configured.


Lots more info here: Manage sharing settings - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn


Hope that helps.

@Kelly_Edinger THank you for mentioning the difference between M365 group and non-connected group sites. In this case it pertains to non-connected and I was hoping I wouldn't have to make members of site collection owners a site collection admin as well, in order for them to receive those notifications.