Expanding the Name column to see full filename text when a Document library is a web part in a page?

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Minor issue with document library when inserted in a SharePoint page. The "Name" column only displays approximately the first 30 char. Followed by ...


Dragging the width of the column larger doesn't change it.


However, opening the document library (so not a web part within the SharePoint page) the expand column function works correctly and presents more of the file name as you increase the column width. I've tried some different JSON code but that didn't work.


Does anyone know of this annoying issue and can suggest a fix?


Much appreciated,

(though it seems this issue only annoys me for the moment)

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@scubabag I just tried this on our SharePoint site and expanding column width works for me.




ganeshsanap_1-1677672914074.pngAll users are facing this issue or only you? If only you, try clearing browser cache and cookies (for all time) and check again.

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