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I have SP Online site (modern) with one document library.

How can I exclude "Editor" field (Modified By) from search on that doc lib / site (but not entire tenant)??

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Hello @MarioZagreb 


there are no permissions on column. It's not possible to exclude only one column from search, only possible with the whole library or site.


Best, Dave

@David MehrThanks for the answer.


This was possible on SP on-premise. Why is it not possible in the cloud?

This makes that search totally unusable for me.

How can I replace that search in SP doc lib with my own search?

Hey @MarioZagreb 


interesting, i don't know this OOTB setting in SharePoint On-Premises...


You can configure a custom search for your site Microsoft Search box:



Best, Dave

@David Mehr
Thanks for the response.
Maybe I am wrong here, but I think that there was an option (op-premise) in settings called "Searchable columns"?

@MarioZagreb I think those options were available in SharePoint search schema settings.


It was possible to change the searchable option for managed properties. 


Define which content that users can search and get results for

If you set a managed property to be searchable, the content is added to the index. This means that a simple query for "Smith" returns items that contain the word "Smith" and also items whose "author" property contains "Smith". If you want users to be able to "only search for items that have this specific author", set the author property to be queryable. Then, to find only items that have an author named Smith, users can query for "author:Smith".


DocumentationManaged properties and search 

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