Excel to SharePoint Integration - all data in excel getting updated in SharePoint

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Hi Team, 


I would like to request you to provide me solution for the following scenario :

I integrated the SharePoint Excel to SharePoint List.

When one Item in Excel is Updated, Respective item (Mapped with Excel Model field(Unique) to SharePoint Title field) in SharePoint should be updated.

But this was not Happening.

Whenever one row is updated in excel, all the Items in SharePoint list are getting Updated., which is not my requirement. this shouldn't be happen.

Here is my flow : 

1. Manually triggered the flow

2. List rows present in excel table

3. Apply to each 

     4.Get Items

        Filter Query : Title eq 'Model'

5. Condition :

     length(outputs('Get_items')?['body/value']) is Equal to 0

if yes : Create item, Else(Apply to each) Update Item.

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