Excel Template file not showing for folder shared with external user

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Hello all, 

I create a simple order form in an excel file. I uploaded the file as a "new template" in Sharepoint I create for my clients. 

I created a Client Folder. Within the client folder I created 10 "client folders" and "shared" each folder with the respective client. (i did not invite them as members into the sharepoint, only sent them access to the folder. 

When the client clicks on "new" they cannot access the excel template file I created.  

All of the settings are set to allow external users access to the files and folders. 

How can I get the template file to show when they click "new"? It only shows an option to create a folder. 



Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 10.11.54 PM.png


In this image, as the owner of the site, you can see the option of the template file. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 10.12.43 PM.png

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