Excel Power Query on SharePoint Online - update not working

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Excel Power queries have been created to collect and merge customer data. Due to size issues, the data is consolidated in two different files (one for 2020 and another for 2021). A summary report combines all information from different files using power queries as well. All of it is stored on SharePoint Online Office 365. Excel is a 32 bit-version, running on Windows 10.


All has been set up at the beginning and was running fine! In the meantime new customers have been added. They roll up nicely into consolidaiton file 2020 and the data appears on the output sheet. However, the power query of the summary report is not picking up the new customers. I have checked the tableau-name and size of the output sheet and it looks o.k. (all columns and rows are in, including the new customer).


Another new customer has run through until summary report with test data, however, after deleting the test data, the summary report is not updating this specific customer. 


Privacy level of the file itself and links have been changed from "none" to "organizational", as only members of the organization need to have access. However, without any different result.


It appears strange to me, that Excel was and is running fine for all old customers, but only the new ones are not picked up properly. Because the imput sheet is the same for all customers, the queries have not created new. Instead, the old once have been copied and only the source has been adjusted. As data are coming through until Consolidaiton 2020, it is proved that the queries are working fine. No change has been made to the query on summary report to get the data as it refers to a defined table. 



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Have you looked at file size, could there be limitations for SharePoint online?