Events Web Part Meeting Link Field not recorded it list?

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I've added an events web part to a modern communication site. This creates an events list where the data is recorded. When adding a new event, I see a field where a user would type in meeting link.Web part 1.png

My problem is that I can't see this meeting link anywhere in the list data. Under what column is this link recorded? If I new the column name, I can add it to the list. 

Web part 2.png

Also, is there any way to edit the form when adding a new event. I'm talking about the form in the first picture. Can I add or remove some fields? Possible the "Link" field.


Please help.

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Have you try in list setting >> Advance setting >> allow managed content type  . Then select any link Column is associated with this content type.

If you clic over the event you have just created, you will be re-directed to the page that renders the event...on that page you can edit event details and update it as necessary

There is no link column anywhere that holds that data. I've tried adding it by doing "Add from existing site columns" but can't find anything that holds that data.

I need to be able to see all events in a calendar view. But in the calendar view I can't find that content type anywhere. I'm not sure if it's even recorded in the list that the "Events" web part creates.

Some of the replies on here are ridiculous. I absolutely understand the original posters issue. I have it too. If I can’t licate the column, and no it’s not visible when you look at the content type in the list, and even more no it’s not because it’s not set to manage content types as it’s an Event List and uses the event content type. I can’t find that column anywhere and I need it so that I can use the column to right a linked folder shortcut url back to. Not having it available prevents me from usefully creating a SPD workflow. I can’t help but think that this omission won’t be dealt with as obviously SPD seems to be out of favour but frankly I can’t see anything that could do this using Flow so I too am utterly stumped.
I would like to know what replies you consider here ridiculous because all the folks that are in this thread or other in the Tech Community only want to help. Coming back to the original question:
(1) Events created using the new Events WebPart are using an application page (the page path is under the _layouts folder) so you don't have a way to customize the create event form and the same happens with the edit one.
(2) It seems the Link information is not stored in a column available in the list, so you are not going to be able to use in a SPD Workflow...and the same happens with Flow. The question here is: where is this data stored? Well, I have not dig into this, but it seems another example of the new modern stuff rolled out by Microsoft where part of the information is stored in SPO and other part is stored in a cloud storage.

So, coming back to point 2) I think It should be possible to get this information via REST call, but first you need to figure out where the information that you cannot fin in the list is stored and then how to build a REST query to get it

The link data is stored in the WorkspaceURL field, I've accessed if from Flow in my example here :-


unfortunate WorkspaceURL is not accessible via powershell.

@Steven Collier Is there any way to change the display name field for the link using Flow?


My problem is that from Flow we are updating the WorkSpaceURL field, so in the event creation we set a URL for the link. That's working well, but both DisplayName and Address are set to the same value. 


For some Links the Url exceeds 160 characters, so there is no problem for the Adress but on the DisplayName there is a 160 chars limit and our customer should edit the DisplayName every time they want to change something on the Event.


I can't find any information, and that field is not stored anywhere where i can access using REST or PowerShell.



@Arash Braich 


It is stored in Workspace hidden field you just need to select it in REST queries: