Events in Modern sharepoint - Past and Upcoming Events

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Hi Community, 

Probably I might be asking silly question here, apology for that as I am totally new to SP.


Is there a way we can show both upcoming events in one section and past/completed events.  

What happens is those event passed the date disappears from the event web part, but I wanted to show past events and upcoming events. 


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@Sansoden I see that you can "Select a Date Range" with pulldown choices that are based on the current date (All upcoming events, this week, next two weeks, this month, this quarter) - but those only show future events.  You can also select a date range by specifying a "From" and "To" but that wouldn't be contextual based on the current date.  I suppose you could specify the "From" and "To" dates to be a wide enough date range to cover your needs and then set the "Show up to this many items at a time" to a large enough number to cover your events and use filmstrip layout to allow the user to scroll through the entire calendar of events.  This would probably require constant updating of the "From" and "To" dates on your part to make it useful.  Just an idea. I wish there was an easy way to show past events.