Event List (Calendar) Content Types Other Than Event Content Type Not Showing Up In Events Web Part

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So I have a really old calendar that has multiple content types associated with it. There is one custom content type that is the default and ALL item in the calendar are using the custom content type. The original Events content type was never used. What I'm noticing is that any items created using the custom content type are NOT showing up in the modern Events web part. If I go in and add an item based off the original Events content type, then they show up just fine.


Does anyone know how to get other content types in an event list to display inside a modern events web part?

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Hello @Michael Malloy


i have just tested your scenario. I have created a new Site Content Type from the Default Event Content, add the Content Type to the Events list and add a new event. Both events, from default and custom Content Type, will be show up in the Event Web Parts.  


My Content Types:



Two events in the default events list:


Both in the events WebPart:



So basically, it should work.


Best, Dave


Thanks I'm glad to see it working in your tenant. Unfortunately, the only way I can get my dates to show is by using Sharegate to bulk edit the content types of all items from the custom one to the event content type

@David Mehr Actually I found out why my events aren't rolling through and your post helped lead me there. Here's the deal:


  • For some reason the developers who created this calendar blew away the event content type and created a new content type based off the ITEM parent content type!
    • OMG....why...WHY....WHYYYYYYYY

Therefore, I'm fairly certain that ITEM content types DO NOT flow into an event web part...nor would I ever expect that to happen!


So it looks like I'm stuck using Sharegate to bulk edit all items in the Calendar to be an event instead of an item