Error when saving properties even if filled out

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Hi all,


I just discovered something that might be a bug.


I have a document library with some custom columns. One column is of type Managed Metadata, and set to be Required. Column name is External Company.


After uploading the document, I open the Details pane, and enter a valid label into External Company. Then change focus to another column, and can verify that the new value is saved. 


However, if I do the same using the "Edit all" option, I get an error message saying "You can't leave this blank" when hitting the Save button. See screenshot below:image.png


I can confirm that the value in the screenshot above is indeed a valid term in the Term Store, and that this error applies to other terms from the Term Store as well. 


Has anyone else experienced this?


Thanks for any input or insight!

Kind Regards, 


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@Frank-Ove Kristiansen 


Hey Frank- I have a user experiencing the same issue.  When I access the document properties I have no problems updating the fields.  I watched the user input as well so I know it is not a user error.  I recommended a restart and clearing browser data to see if that helps *crosses fingers*.


Unfortunately I have not found any other info on this one; you are not alone however!



@Frank-Ove Kristiansen 


I am experiencing the same issue. Hoping that someone with a solution replies soon. :) 


Sorry, I don't have the answer, but you are definitely not alone.

@Frank-Ove Kristiansen 


I came in here looking for a similar problem that I think is related.  In my case I have a simple modern list with a column in it to hold numbers.  I can go into that item, and change a 2 to a 3, and watch the darn thing change back to a 2 again right as it waves a little "saved" at me when I take my focus away to another field.  But if I go land back in the field a second time, the 3 will pop up again the way I want it to be, and it may or may not tell me for a second time that it has saved, but the 3 will stick.  If I don't actually go back in to check the field, that 3 will still have stuck anyway, but I'm paranoid and want to make sure it's there.  


So I would agree there's definitely something buggy going on with the Edit Item dialogue box as it relates to editing fields of data and the save-on-the-fly process.  I've tested with a couple of Win10 machines both IE11 and Chrome, all same buggy behavior.


A suggestion for your scenario where it's saying can't be blank ... try landing back into the field again for that second helping of field-level "save" and see if that helps. 

@Frank-Ove Kristiansen 


Hi, I do not have the answer but I have the same issue for a client. We had to remove the column required (*) property for the managed metadata columns to be able to save. We still looking for a solution. Thank you! 

@Frank-Ove Kristiansen 


Hi, this definitely is an issue - but there is a workaround.

If you click on the 'tag' icons to select a value for your managed metadata column (from the resulting pop-up menu), then you will experience this issue where you cannot save the item as the column is required. 

Workaround: Instead of clicking on the 'tag' icon, if you just just start typing in the value of the metadata column that you require, it will auto-complete - from which you can select the value you want. That method works fine without it incorrectly stating 'You can't leave this blank'. You can now save your item.

@Frank-Ove Kristiansen 


Same issue here with a customer. We figured out, that this seems to be related to the "Modern Experience" - changing back to "classic" and we can fill the form without a problem or any strange error-messages.

Hope someone will find a solution for that - makes no sense to switch to classic view :(

@Frank-Ove Kristiansen 


I checked today (1st May 2019) and this issue seems to have been resolved. Is everyone else finding this is the case?






I tried recreating the issue today, but was unable to. So it might seem that this has been fixed.

@ashokjingar i can also confirm that the issue no longer persists for my customer. Great :)



Unfortunately this still appears for me.