Error when guest accesses site.




I have a SharePoint site which staff have access to, synced up to Azure AD from our on prem AD. 

I invite external guest accounts to the site and most of the time this is fine. They accept the invitation and work on documents on the site. 


Sometimes though they get the error attached. What does this mean? How can I prevent this?




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@Oliver McErlane 


Does the account they are trying to log in with match the email the invite was sent too?  


Andy Hodges | ThinkShare |

@Oliver McErlane 


Are restricting access per site to white listed domains? Is that domain for that user added. 


When you say sometimes you get the error with external users are they all different domains  or from the same one?

@Andrew Hodges 

I had the same error several times

It occurs for me when an external user is logged with several account recognised by Microsoft (so their company account and they joign our site with their personnal account). one consultant has even create 4 differents free outlook account to join several tenant and he had it automatically.

My advice to my externals users:

or provide their company upn or launch it in incignito mode

Maybe it's the same for you?



@Oliver McErlane  confirmed that the account in the error message was the same as the email address the invite was sent to. I don't see there being a problem a user choosing a Microsoft account over a Microsoft 365 account if they have both, I think they would still get in if the email matched the invite. I have never tried this personally though. 


I have seen this issue when the user login doesn't match the users email address, but again this would show in the error message as the error would be different from the invited person. @Oliver McErlane  we cannot see the email address in the error but just to make sure it matches exactly the email address sent in the invite and not just matches the user?  so would not match it would give that error.