Error when exporting Sharepoint list to excel


Hi, all. 


I am trying to export a sharepoint list from sharepoint online in modern format via the built in “export to excel” on the list ribbon. I get an error message and it does not export to the list to excel.


I’ve seen this problem quite frequently in the community - is this a bug in sharepoint? Does Microsoft have a fix for this? Is there an effective workaround?

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@slohombre  it's not a general issue as I've never had a problem exporting to Excel. Sorry, I can't suggest anything which doesn't help you at all but hopefully else will be able to offer some insight.


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Is it something like this?

Possible work around from that link is:
My workaround is to
Go to the Site Assets Library on the same site
Create an Excel file
Data > Get Data
Connect to SharePoint Online list


I took the file, did a query and then saved it as an Excel file.  I saved it to the Site Assets Library and then opened it in Excel (client / desktop) and then did a refresh content or connection and when I updated the List item, say adding a 1 to a name in a row, it refreshed!
NOT a great work around when it should work, however it does if it is for a List item that is available to edit for persons or read only, yet the rest of the site is NOT accessible.