Error - We only support linking to files in your organization


Getting this 'We only support linking to files in your organization' when I use any link. Any suggestions on how to fix this?



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Where you are trying to add link in the page? 

I have tried in Quick Links web part where I can add external link:






@kalpeshvaghela I am trying to add it in the hero web part through link





I was able to replicate issue and fixed it by adding domain of the link as allowed domain under HTML Field Security settings.

Go to Site Settings and Click on HTML Field Security:




Add your domain of the link as shown in below screen shot:





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I'm getting the same issue for hero webparts and tried the work around by adding it to HTML Field Security. This was not an issue previously. 

I don't have Site Collection Administration permissions and our IT is contracted that has this level of permission. I hope they change this because it will be a HUGE hinderance to managing our intranet if I can't link the Hero to an external site.



Why is this error happening all of a sudden when it never happened before? 


I am getting this message now in Sharepoint.  Is this another glitch?  is it expected to be fixed?  This severely hinders the usability of Sharepoint.   

I cannot perform the workaround due to lack of permission.

Thanks for your help