Error saving event when participant has an apostrophe in login name

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In modern SharePoint Events web part, if you attempt to create an event, and add a participant user that has an apostrophe in their username, an error occurs:-


"Can't save this event. Refresh this page and try again or contact the site owner. The query string logonName is missing or invalid."




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@PaulL Seems like a bug in Microsoft functionality (APIs used behind the scene to create events).


Raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this issue: Get M365 support - online support 


Also, curious to know what is the error message in browser console? What is the API URL generated and shown in console? 

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@ganeshsanap the error is generated by a batch call to web.ensureuser. The apostrophe is clearly not being escaped correctly in the request url. I've submitted a ticket to MS support.





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As a test, I doubled the single apostrophe and the api call does work in that case, so should be simple enough to fix I would think.




Correct!!! This call fails when the userName has " ' ". Below you can automatically add extra single quote when before the existing one when using ensureUser endpoint


if("'") >= 0) {
  userName = userName.replace("'", "''");