Error retrieving this channel's SharePoint URL

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Hi Community,


Any ideas how I can fix this error message? I wasn't able to find anything in the discussion threads.


I added 3 channels to an existing team in MS Teams. Team has a SharePoint site.







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Hello @kaz01 


i don't see the error before.


Have you done anything to the channel? renamed it, for example?

Is this error only on this channel folder or also on others?


Regards, Dave

Hi David,

No I haven't renamed the channel at all. Same error message for all 3 new channels.

I'm thinking at this point to delete the channels and add them back. Thoughts?



I just noticed same issues here with several Teams Channel Files



@RonaldKriege Did you add the channels using the Desktop app? Oddly enough, I created a test channel while using the web app and did not get the error message.


I suppose the solution is to delete the errored folders and recreate using web app.

Will be a bit of a process as we have to wait 30 days for a deleted channel to permanently delete before the file name is available again. Or else recreate the new channels and rename after 30 days.