Error "You do not have an e-mail address" when trying to set SharePoint Alerts for some users

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We are getting the following error on some users when trying to setup alerts in Sharepoint: 

"You do not have an e-mail address. Alert has been created successfully but you will not receive notifications until valid e-mail or mobile address has been provided in your profile."


It does work with some users and not others even in groups with the same permissions. We have gone through this article ( and made the changes but it still doesn't work for every user.


I was clicking around and found at this link: (but I can't remember how I got to this screen), that there was no email listed for a user that gets the error. And for a user that is able to setup alerts he has an email listed on this profile page. Now when I go to this link it redirects me to it seems like its some kind of "classic" view that I cant get back to. 


One other different between working users and non-working users is that under the delivery method section where it says "send me alerts by: E-mail" there is no email listed out the right (for those that get the error) but there is an email listed out the right for the users that are able to set alerts: 


I don't know how to tell what version of sharepoint we are using but it is part of M365 or O365 online SaaS version.


Hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. 


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Really hoping that someone has at least an idea of where to start to look. I figure out that the people whose alerts DO work, were legacy employees, onboarded >2 years ago...Sharpoint alerts do not work for all "new" onboarded employees. I think there is something to that...


I was able to figure out how to get back to the "old" profile page (at this link: I just kept pasting the link and trying again in the same window and eventually it took me to the old profile page) and get a screenshot of the BLANK email address.


But when I go to the "new" My account page my email is listed. 


one thing that is interesting is that I already enabled the ability to edit the my account (as per the instructions in the above linked MS article. any help would be greatly appreciated. thx. 

we are also having this same problem. Could really use some help here.