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While in the SharePoint development phase, my global admin account started receiving an error message that prohibited me from having any access to my SharePoint site collection whatsoever. After 3 full business days with ZERO access, Microsoft has not diagnosed the problem or offered me a workaround or solution. In fact, they keep insisting that there is nothing wrong which is absolutely FALSE. At this point, I have created a brand new global admin user account - no access. I have logged out/in, cleared cookies and cache, tried to use different web browsers, restarted my device, installed Windows updates, and even tried to access the site using both accounts on a Mac operating system. Still, the error persists.
I committed to this product suite because of the 99.9% uptime guarantee - so much for that. Healthcare organizations, BEWARE!
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Was it ever resolved? I am encountering this also.  

In addition what was your workaround? 



It is the exact same problem here!,

I have a student account with 5 Tb One Drive premium storage. but when I login to my normal account which is not premium, this error doesn't occur but with my premium account it shows this error. 


And also during this period my One Drive icon at the taskbar was stuck at "Processing changes", and I could not sync my files because it says that sync was delayed due to high service usage. Once I retried it opened but I couldn't open any folders it said "The specified list is invalid" here is a screenshot




Hopefully it gets fixed

Thank you,

Waqaar ahsab


@RHCC-admin I have exactly the same issue. Tried to change sync folder (from OS C: to Data Storage D:), but cannot log in. Go to OneDrive online (Web), found displaying "something wrong" and empty folders. What is going on with Famous MS??? 

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I have the same issue. Nothing work. How can I access to my account again?

Anyone solved this problem? I have th e same issue and I cannot access to my onedrive which store many important files.



@RHCC-admin I'm having the same issue, My onedrive was working perfectly till 12 July. All of a sudden now I cannot access all my files. 

If you find a solution please share with us

Thank you

i having this issue too. Anyone has the solution ?

@12pulse yeah here is what microsoft says about this:

Okay, so I think this is what the problem is. My account has been throttled or blocked. Throttled means you can't use One Drive for a specific period of time and blocked means you can no longer use one drive and if its blocked then you get a message in the admin center. One Drive is very strong and can handle many uploads at the same time but in rare cases the account gets automatically throttled due to extremely high service usage like 10 computers/servers uploading 1 TB of data at the same time. It might be only my account or everyone who uses my service provider. I can't really find out whether its blocked or not because I don't have access to admin page because I use a student account. here is the microsoft link:

Something's not right
The page you requested is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please check back in a few minutes.

I have the same problem...., not sure if the problem will be fixed.!

@Waqaarahsab Finally I got an email from microsoft telling that my account has been BLOCKED :( 

Here is the mail screenshot. Onedrive-block.png

@Waqaarahsab the English in the email is so bad that if I received that I would immediately assume it is a phishing attempt and delete it & report it to our InfoSec Manager. Don't click on any links in it.


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I can't believe but its actually true, when I logged in to my account in, it asked for verification and for which I got the verification e-mail and you can see there is the code. but "Sincerely, xkx - OneDrive/Sharepoint have been block" has so many grammatical errors. And the mail didn't have any links
Same here Sir Do you know any solution to save our files.