Error Message when clicking sharing video link in sharepoint

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i have a flow that automatically creates a sharing link for every file that is added to a sharepoint library. however, for video links that are uploaded/added to the sharepoint library, the sharing link first opens on a "error" message: Hmm looks like this file doesn't have a preview we can show you. there's an OPEN button on that error page that when clicked will lead to the video and play without problems. But my users will think that something is wrong because of the "this file doesn't have a preview we can show you" page. what do i need to do with regards to the sharing link (do i need to change something in the flow, perhaps?), so that when clicked it opens the video without the "error" message page? screenshot of error message below. Thanks in advance. apologies if this was supposed to be posted/asked on the power automate message board, but as the "error" shows up in sharepoint, i figured this was the place to start. i just can’t have this message pop up for users. using stream isn’t feasible as there are thousands of existing links that we just don’t have the manpower to upload there at the moment. but when. the flow/sharepoint creates the sharing link for existing videos this error message is the first think people see when clicking it. not ok. thanks.
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simply put - when i click the sharing link created when the original link is uploaded to sharepoint (let's say it's a youtube video link for example) - i want it to open the video. NOT open a page with the Hmm...looks like this video doesn't have a preview error message. I just want to click the sharing link and be taken to the page where the video exists. not some interim page. thanks.