Error Message: Could not complete that action Name cannot be blank

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I created a new page and within that page I am embedding an iframe only using widht=x height=x and then the URL. When I go to publish the page, this error message shows up. Any help is much appreciated.


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@dan8090 I ran into this error message as well in a slightly different scenario but this is how I was able to resolve it. I am curious if this helps you if you get to try it.  I looked all over the place for what "Name cannot be blank" could mean.  Finally, while reviewing Site Pages for that Site, I landed on the Page Properties and the "Title" (not a required field) below the select URL was empty. I added a matching Title to the page and saved.  When I went to republish the page with my latest edits - I no longer encountered this frustrating and vague error.  It has been working for me since!

E-KAY, Thank you for posting this. You saved me tons of time!
Thank you so much for this.