Error: Couldn't verify link

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Can anyone help me with this error?  


I have a document library that is grouped by certain columns (by 'Product', then 'Document Type' and I am copying the link to one of the Products to paste on to a homepage but I keep getting this error.


I have read threads before that say even if the error appears the link should still work but mine doesn't. When I click on it, it takes me to the full document library and not the filtered selection I want.


I've checked the permissions and all appears to be in order.  What else have I missed?





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Having the same issue myself which has been an issue.

The only workaround I could find was to use a previous URL Link you have used and replace the filter information in the URL.

E.G. "FilterField1=Month_x0020__x002d__x0020_Year&FilterValue1=May%2c%20%202021&FilterType1=Text&viewid=" <Change to>



Changing the filter query directly in the URL seems to be a temporary workaround until Microsoft fixes this.


I hope this makes sense

Thank you! That has solved it for now!