Enterprise Migration Fileshares to Sharepoint

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Hello! I am wrapping up my users personal network drives to OneDrive migration but I am having trouble trying to find out the best solution or workflow, process etc... on moving multiple site share drives to sharepoint/teams etc... Our users are use to using windows explorer and the current onedrive limitations make this really hard. We had migrated 300K files to a single library for a entire department using OneDrive sync only to have to move everyone back to on-prem. Is there any guidance? Companies or readings out there to plan for this stuff? Just not sure how to move multiple teams within multiple departments at multiple different sites to sharepoint so we can get rid of our on prem servers. My only other option i was thinking was looking into SMB over quic and just leaving them as network drives and connect to azure files. Thanks!!

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@mlittman To overcome the sync limitation you will need to break the files down in to separate document libraries and have users sync only the document libraries they require. If you would consider 3rd party tooling check out Zee Drive; it maps network drives to SharePoint Online and can handle document libraries with over 3....

What about using the SharePoint Migration Tool or the Migration Manager to do the migration?
Hi, yes I am currently using that for OneDrive migrations from onprem file servers. I think I am looking for a way for large enterprises to structurally move a file share that has many different depts/teams etc folders files. How are other companies doing there migrations as far as how the business is reacting to not using a file explorer for shared files and using webgui/teams etc...
I am currently looking at z drive.I guess how are enterprise IT working with businesses to breakdown their file/folder work processes to move to sharepoint.