Enterprise Keywords Filtering in Highlighted Content

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Hopefully a simple question.  We have recently enabled Enterprise Keywords for many of our document libraries.  Is it possible to use the Enterprise Keywords within the Highlighted Content web part to filter down to specific pages / documents?  I've tried filtering by Managed property then inputting "Enterprise" into the "Find a managed property field" but the "Managed property name" remains grayed out.  Thanks in advance!


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@Daniel Carp Did you managed to get it working by creating your own managed property?
According to this article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/streamnew/portals-set-of-videos I would think that it is already a managed property but searching for keyword results in nothing... 

@Daniel Carp :


You've probably already resolved this, but I had exactly this problem with the "news" web part.


Trying to set a "managed property" to "Enterprise Keywords" went nowhere. Which made no sense, because enterprise keywords are managed metadata.


Then I tried "Tags". And that worked. So it seems that Microsoft has grouped "Enterprise Keywords" under tags, which refers to either a taxonomy or a folksonomy.

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