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Dear All,

There is a incoming request that all the files must sync to local file server instead of syncing to individual laptop as the constraint of each laptop storage.


Where could I refer to some reference article about the setup as each library in different site has different permission management + how to ensure the document changes will be synced back to SharePoint Online if the users update the document using their own laptop with mapping drive to share drive (pointing to onedrive sync path)?


Please advice.





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Sorry. But this is not a supported scenario and something I would personally never consider setting up that way.

What is the driving reason behind this scenario?

Hi @Chris Webb,

They have the concern of the internet connectivity to cloud in the country due to regulation and policy.

That's why they must have file server what if the internet connectivity is unstable or blocked to access to certain cloud (worst case scenario).


I tried to ask them to sync to their local laptop but they prefer to have 1 central file server for allocating all their departmental document. They can work on the document offline or online as they wish to. 


What's the best way to cater this situation? Note: They are purchasing the file server already. 







The best way to share documents as file server may be Azure Files. This can be synced to your files on file servers with SMB 3.0.



Also you can backup Azure Files to Azure Backup if needed.

Depending on the amount of sync activity and if the users mainly home in an office. I would honestly look into SharePoint 2019 to host the files using the latest onedrive client which now supports on demand sync to reduce sync storage requirements but also will give you an onprem “file server” per say. Obviously you’ll need backup strategies etc.


Hi @Deleted, we have subscribed Office 365 E1 Plan and using SharePoint Online to host departmental document. 

the third party solution is supporting only OneDrive for business? How about SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is leveraging OneDrive Sync Client tool once we click Sync button to sync to local.

@Deleted, thanks for your info. Could I get the full trial version for POC? How about the pricing?

Does it able to manage the user permission for the individual library?

Example: User A can access to Library A only.

               User B can access to Library B only.


User A access the shared drive and manage to access Library A directly but can't access to Library B due to the permission assignment. He\she is able to edit the document through shared drive in local and sync up to SharePoint Online - Library A.


Please advice.


I don't work for them so i don't know. You might want to directly get in touch with them for your POC needs and trial request.



Alright. I will contact them for my request. 

Thanks for your help.





Awesome! Thanks for this info. This is exactly I needed.