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Dear All,

I have a few inquiries here below.

1. File corrupted and cannot open via Office Online from SharePoint. Once downloaded to local desktop, the file is working fine. Anyone is experiencing this situation?


2. Excel Online and PowerPoint Online don't have track change. Does it another work around to track who's edit/change?


3. Does it able to co-authoring for MS Project/Visio?


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My comments here:
1. Have you tried to open the file directly from SPO using the desktop client? By the way, you should open a support ticket with this issue
2. What do you mean by track changes? Are you aware of the native versioning provided by Microsoft
3. I don't think so

I would agree that #1 sounds like a browser issue or Office / browser issue.  Have you tested Chrome vs IE?  What exactly is the error?  How big are the files? 


For #2, if you mean the Word and other Track Changes inside the app, no I don't believe they have that available.  It's listed for Word but not anything else.


I've experienced number 1.


Our workaround:

Download the file. Delete the file from SharePoint (you will lose version history unfortunately.) Upload the file again and it magically works. Seems to be a bug in Office Online. I've had it happen a few times for Excel Online.

thanks for sharing. Have you escalated to Microsoft to troubleshoot? Excel file? 

What's the error message you got at that time?

for first item, i need to check back with my user.

For 2nd item, yes. office online is not applicable for track changes. However there is another work around that turn on track change on Word desktop. Then upload the word online.

Then the word document could track who had made the changes.


Thanks for advice. 

Yes, i will do if needed for 1st item.

For 2nd item, I know that its not available. I think that another work around that just put the comment for each line of item changes in the purpose of tracking.


For 3rd item, visio online and project online are not available in sharepoint online by default. Does it got another work around? like purchase 3rd party add-on component or additional component offered by microsoft if have?


there is an article said that visio can support co-authoring. 



However Microsoft Doc mentioned that Visio Online is not supported.



We should follow the latest article in docs.microsoft.com, right?

The first article is simply too old...I would trust the docs.microsoft.com article