Enhansed rich text - one column all over the place with it's formatting

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We've got a column for our list with enhansed rich text.


For some reason we cannot get one particular entry to follow the formatting of the other columns.


We've cut and pasted from a different row, and typed the correct text in between this formatting in order to try and keep them the same,


The text is the wrong size, and there is a white highlight which nobody has selected which we can't get rid of? - how do we just make the formatting for this row the same as the others?



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I've now sorted out the text size and font.

However there are some superscript inserts we've had to add to this, which I cannot remove a white highlight from (we've added these before without SharePoint automatically deciding to add a highlight), which when I try to fix the same way as the font and the size reduces this down to normal text instead of the superscript I added!

@Lee-Martin Try this: type text with superscript in word document, then copy it and paste it in SharePoint text field.

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