Enhanced rich text codes showing up in data that is exported, and after it was converted

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We had a manager of a large team come to us and ask us for direct access to the sql data for their site so they could export it into some other formats to be used in other applications.  Needless to say, we said no.


So in the ensuing discussions we thought we had a fix.  Export the data to csv and that would be good.  The only problem was that the data was in an Enhanced Rich Text multiline column, and when we exported it we got lots of html code mixed in the data.


So we thought we would convert the column to just regular Rich Text, since none of the business users ever uploaded pictures.  The only problem is that now we have those same kinds of codes mixed into all of their records, even before they are exported.  We converted the column back to enhanced rich text, but those characters are still showing up unfortunately.


Any suggestions on what we can do about this?   I'd love to find a way to convert this back to rich text, and then get rid of the codes, and then we could just export the data without the codes.


I know someone will suggest writing a powershell script to do that, but that is WAY beyond my scripting abilities.





P.S. It's a large list.  Just dumping it to csv takes forever.

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