Enable people search in Microsoft search bar




We'd like our users to be able to find people by using the "Microsoft search" bar on the top of our SharePoint Online modern (hub) sites. As of now, when our users search for content using the search bar, only the tabs "Files", "Sites" and "News" are displayed. To search for users, our users need to click one of the tabs, and then the "Search all contents for ...", which makes for a pretty un-intuitive user experience. 


Is there a setting of something we can tweak to get the "People" tab by default to show up in the search results page?

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You need to add the Search Navigator when configuring Microsoft Search to be used in SharePoint Online...I agree that navigator should be by default there, but it is not.

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Thanks for your input. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Search Naviagation" - are you referring to the Search Navigation web part (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/about-configuring-the-search-navigation-web-part-449b414f...)? 

Hi, I have the exact requirement, how did resolve it?