Enable modern list view webparts to be connected with dynamic data

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Dear Microsoft,

Please let us connect modern list webparts using dynamic data. For instance if I have a list of customers and a list of orders on a page, I should be able to filter the list of orders based on the customer a user selects.


You indicated two years ago that this would be done , but it is still not done. I see several other ways to connect webparts have been rolled out, but not this most basic feature. 


This feature is available in classic sharepoint but not in modern, and this prevents me from moving to modern.


I created a user voice on the some time back (https://sharepoint.uservoice.com/forums/329214-sites-and-collaboration/suggestions/38615983-enable-m...

Could you please comment on that user voice and let me know if you will, in fact , be addressing this feature gap anytime soon?




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@Russell Gove 

This is in the Office 365 Roadmap, deadline O4 2019.


SharePoint - list and libraries web parts consume dynamic data

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But it still is not delivered….


It's June 11, 2020 and still this has not been released. Please let us know when this is released as very interesting combinations can be done with the new webparts in Modern