Enable comments/converstations on files in SharePoint

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I would like help enabling a feature that allows comments to be added to files within the Properties form, or the details pane of a file.


On list items in the same site, I have the ability to create conversations through these icons:




But for the document libraries, this does not appear to be an option? 

While looking into how to enable this, I did find a post showing it working as expected -> 6 ways to add comments to documents in SharePoint | SharePoint Maven


So I am just wonder what is different with my document library and where I should look to enable. I am the SP admin for the company, so I should be able to change any settings necessary. 

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Comments is native for Office files, so i think the comment option in the property panels only appear for non-office client. Put something else than an office document and check, the comment will appear in the property panels.

@Vertebre Nope. Doesn't work for any files in my library office or not.