Employee Directory: DelveApi.ashx not returning user photo

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My Employee-Directory page refuse to display all the staff photos, is there anyone can help would be gladly appreciated. Thank you.


Scenario 1. I have an issue to show all the staff user photos under normal staff user account, all the photos return in broken image.

Site address: /search/Pages/Employee-Directory.aspx

Img src return as: /_vti_bin/DelveApi.ashx/people/profileimage?size=S&userId=email address removed for privacy reasons


Scenario 2. However when I login as site owner, using same url, I have no problem display all the staff photos.


Scenario 3. With normal user account, I can access to the staff photo using SP default template People Results page at /search/Pages/peopleresults.aspx


Scenario 4. What make thing even complicated, when i am outside the company network, and using my own mobile data to access the Employee-Directory page, using my normal staff account, I can access to the staff photos okay.


What could be the reason causing this mystery issue? Thank you




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