Emded web part - to edit form


I'm currently using the following embed code on an Embed web part. 



<iframe width="640px" height="1100px"




But when tried embedding the editform.aspx or dispform.aspx it does not work.

Also tried the Param() and added the parameter in the URL (i.e. ScreenNav=1) but Navigate doesn't seem to work for SharePoint Integration OnStart from what I've read so far but those posts were few years old. I'm wondering if there are new developments that might solve this, embedding specific app screen, issue now?

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You can use List Details web part if it will fit to your requirement shown below:




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@Tamras1972 You have to include the item ID in URL in order to make it work in embed web part.


For example: 


<iframe width="640px" height="1100px"


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@ganeshsanap Thanks, forgot about the ID part.  Now to figure out how to hide the top part of the form in the embed web part.