Embedding Images into Bulleted and Numbered Lists

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I want to use modern Pages in SharePoint to create internal docs. For procedures, we typically create a numbered list for steps, and sometimes items in a list include a picture.


I don't see a way to do this in the Text web part for modern pages. So, the only workaround I can think of is to mix and match text parts with image parts just to make a single step. Anything I am missing here or other workarounds?

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Why not use the Quick Links WebParts for creating that list so you can include pictures per link?

I want to clarify my ambiguous use of the term list. I am talking about a numbered list like this:

  1. First, do this thing.
  2. Then, do this other thing.
    (here would be a picture showing the completed step or something)
  3. Finally, do this.

To use any web part other than text, I would be forgoing the use of ordered/numbered (or unordered/bulleted) lists, and at that point, I may as well just use an image web part to include the image.

 Stuck with the same issue. Almost 5 years later, and still no solution.