Embedd MS Project from project.microsoft.com to a Sharepoint Online Page

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Hi all,


we currently use the new MS Project from M365 to plan Tasks and to have a dynamic timeline view of those.
Our current Project Management Overview is built via Sharepoint.
Each Project Team has their own Sharepoint Page where all the necessary information is collected and the documents for the Project are also linked on this page.

For certain projects we started to use the new Microsoft Project to be able to use the timeline view and plan ahead accordingly.

Now we would like to embedd the timeline view of the MS Project (URL: project.microsoft.com) into the Sharepoint Online Page.
Unfortunately, there is no existing connector to project.microsoft.com so I tried to embedd it via an iframe but project.microsoft.com com declined the connection.

Has anyone an Idea how we can solve this?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


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