Embed Video from Stream on SharePoint via Iframe while using Oauth Autentication

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We want to Embed the Video Player via an Iframe in our web application (hosted on a different domain, not a sharepoint application).

The videos are protected. Therefore the iframe must support oauth authentication.


Now we need to migrate from MS Streams to Stream on SharePoint:


We use the embed code from generated by Sharepoint: 





While MS Streams is working fine on all browsers we encounter an issue with Safari on Mac and iOS.

Here we don't see the video but a login message (see below; translated: please log in to show this file).

Even after a login the video is not shown.

If we deactivate the option "prevent cross site tracking" the video is shown in Safari Browser.

But this is not a feasible solution for our users shall see the video without changing preferences.



Can we configure Stream on Sharepoint in such a way, that it behaves like MS Streams and videos are also shown on Safari?



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