Embed Powerpoint Requires Login to Sharepoint Now?

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I am trying to embed a PowerPoint.


I get the embed code and put into my website.


I can get to it fine, but others can not - it is asking them to sign in to Sharepoint?


I can send a 'share' link and set up the permissions to allow anyone to view and/or edit, and the share link works fine, but in the embed screen, no such permissions are shown.


So the share link can be viewed and/or edited by anyone as long as I set up the permissions to allow that, but the embed code always requires a sign-in to Sharepoint?


Given this, I've tried replacing the link in the embed code with the share link that actually works, but that does not work - its disallowed to be delivered in an iFrame by Microsoft, and requires it to be viewed in its own top-level window.


I opened a support ticket with Microsoft, spoke with a live rep, shared my screen, and after she herself was confused,  she consulted with the tech team and called me back an hour later, and it was determined that this is 'just the way it works now for embeds' - meaning unlike the rest of the Internet, Microsoft's embeds can not work unless someone has Sharepoint, although the non-embedded share link works just fine? After all, the Share > Embed option has a subtitle that says "Embed this presentation into your blog or website".


It just doesn't seem like this is or should be the intended functionality.


I want the embed code to be viewable by anyone and everyone without requiring them to have an account or sign in.


Does anyone know how to get this to function properly so anyone can view the Powerpoint embed without needing to sign in to Sharepoint?




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