Embed LinkedIn Learning Video on SharePoint Page

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Has anyone successfully embedded a LinkedIn Learning video on a SharePoint page?  I realize users might have to log in first but it seems LinkedIn is blocking their embed codes completely from SharePoint Online.  

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@jwesener2 Yes you can embed LinkedIn Learning videos on a SharePoint page using Embed web part. You need to make sure that linkedin.com URL is whitelisted in HTML Field Security configuration for your SharePoint site. You can find it through this path: Site information - View All site settings - HTML Field Security.

This page will allow you to whitelist domains or whitelist all domains to be used as an iframe on your site.

@ausingh so i did that already.  and after putting the embed code from LinkedIn in an iframe used the Embed web part, it just shows a blank web part.  Nothing ever displays in it - I don't get an error in the web part properties so the iframe is well formed.  

I'm having this issue as well, but not with LinkedIn. Trying to embed an iframe to an external site (campaign monitor) and the browser (tried chrome, firefox and safari) appear to be blocking the content. And yes, I have added the site to the allowed sites under HTML Field Security. @jwesener2 

Can you share the iframe tag which you have added?