Email titled as "News you might have missed". what is it? and how we can stop it?

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Some of our users start receiving emails titled as "News you might have missed ". so i have the following questions:-


1) what is this email?  will it list the news pages that the user did not read?

2) why only some users are receiving this email, while others do not?

3) for the users who receive this email, can they unsubscribe from it?

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It's a new feature they announced at Ignite, dont remember which session has the details but you can also see it on the Roadmap:

The staggered rollout is expected, given the sheer size of O365. And yes, users can unsubscribe.

@Vasil Michev If a user chooses to unsubscribe, how can they opt-in at a later time and subscribe again?

@john john 

This is a new feature (Auto-News Digest) coming to SharePoint Online.


The SharePoint auto-news digest feature sends an automated email to users about the latest news posts that are relevant to them, but that they may not have viewed yet.


How to unsubscribe from auto-news digest?

To unsubscribe from the auto-news digest emails, users can select the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.


Can I remove this feature from my organization?

If you are a tenant admin, you can remove the feature from your tenant by using the PowerShell command:


Set-SPOTenant -EnableAutoNewsDigest $true | $false


Microsoft documentationAutomatically sending news post digests 

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