Email Notifications for comment on files in Sharepoint Library

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Hi! One of our colleagues recently received this email notification. (She was the creator of the file)

Everyone else did not receive it even when we tested comments on each others files that we have created.

Does anyone know how to enable these notifications? Is this a new function?
Thanks in advance!

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I want to say when you are on SharePoint and click the cog or profile photos there is a setting for these notifications.



This has worked in my tenant for a long time, maybe 6 months or so. 


Even though I had found the settings before I had to go search again. You can change the settings in OneDrive. Go to OneDrive - > Cog - > OneDrive Settings. The notification settings are there. Users can amend from the link at the bottom of the email (if they were getting the notifications).


Not sure why it would not work for all your users. I don't remember getting comments because I own the file, the notifications seem to come through if I make a comment and someone replies to my comment.