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Good Day:

Our customers like the news email digest option and have received several questions on a few areas for improvement:

(a) The very top of the email content shows the Microsoft Logo(link) and SharePoint Link that takes you to Microsoft sites.  Is it possible in having those images/links removed or perhaps replacement with a corporate logo/link

(b) The top section of the email digest content shows the Title/description (added when composing the email digest from the SharePoint site), the name of the SharePoint site and it also has the generic SharePoint Logo.  Customers as asking if its possible in having the Logo associated with the SharePoint site show up on this section instead of the Microsoft SharePoint Logo, is this something considered for a future improvement?

(c) When we create the email digest and add the applicable recipients, the delivered email has as its subject line "John Doe shared "xxxx" with you'. This one is probably the one we have heard the most from users, will there be a way to change this so we have control on what the subject text will be on the email digest?



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This one is quite easy to answer: Microsoft has not provided yet a way to customize the messages sent by any of the workloads and services that are part of Office 365 what includes SPO, Office 365 Groups, EXO and Teams

Thank you for the response, appreciate it.  Also reached out to the uservoice forum and directly to Microsoft contacts we have, lets see what happens.  Thanks again,


Agree with all your points here. We are a non profit organization and are looking to implement the sharepoint news feature, but are sick of the constant MSFT advertising. Would be great to remove the MSFT and SharePoint links in our digest emails. We are considering trying to perform some email rewrites when they hit our infrastructure.


@David Bargna did you succeed with email rewrites?


The idea here

does not seem to garner any traction thus far.


@aipfelkofer , what we do is run a powershell script which downloads the news items, grabs the content and puts then in a mail which we send out, it works well, but it should be simple to do it from the GUI