Email digest missing images is anyone else seeing this issue

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Email digest missing images is anyone else seeing this issue.

1. Go to news page in modern site

2. Select few news articles

3. Click on email digest

4. Email has news items with images missing

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@Deleted Hello - We just started having this same problem! Everything worked fine before. A few weeks ago we sent a news digest and about half of the images were missing. This time we sent one out and all of the images were missing. Have you been able to find any answers?

@json10 We have ticket open with Microsoft and they have forwarded to product group and work in progress, no updates yet will keep you posted if hear anything different from the product team.

Hello, we also have a similar issue with email digests. Did you find an explanation, a fix or a workaround ?


Issue is cropping us for as well. Curious if anyone from earlier in the thread found a resolution.

This has just started happening with us, can anyone provide any information on whether there was a solution?

Still an issue it seems! All our images are from the Stock Images built into SharePoint and they're still missing from the emailed digest.