Editing JSON in List View Formatting Fails to Display


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I'm trying to add an additional map location to the JSON for the SharePoint 'Contact-Card-Format' list view formatting, ( I removed the Company, Email, Phone, and Picture options from the JSON and it works perfectly. But, when I add the additional JSON for the map location fields, the entire list item disappears. I've tried various approaches and nothing seems to work. I'm fairly new to the list view formatting and JSON so I'm not sure what I'm missing, doing wrong, etc. A Word file with the revised JSON is attached. Many thanks for any assistance, feedback, etc., you may have to offer.




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@PLove59 in the map codes you've got incorrect closing parenthesis ) after [$State] and [$ClinicState]. I have removed those in the attached file.




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@RobElliottGood Morning,


Thank you so much for your assistance … the code is working now!!