Editing Group Headers with JSON from old Javascript

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Hello Community!

In the past I used Javascript to edit the headers of grouped items in a SP list. With Modern no longer allowing for Javascript I would like to know if there is JSON that will do the same thing. I am looking at taking the Sum of a column and placing that in the collapsed view of the header. This is what it looked like in classic with the Javascript deployed:


It added the Sum at the top of each grouped item - you did not have to expand the item to see the sum.


I found JSON to be able to update the group headers but it only updates the text and uses the count feature not a sum feature. I am able to customize the footer on the Hours Worked Column to reflect other things besides just the word "sum" - such as color and other text, but I want to be able to have the sum be at the top of each group when it is collapsed like it is in the screenshot above. I am guessing it is something that needs to be done on the column rather than the item grouped. Does anyone have JSON that would do this?


Here is a screenshot of the list with JSON deployed where it formats the group header on what it is grouped on and the footer changed, but I can't seem to figure out how to make the footer the header:


So basically, I want to move the red Total Value up so it shows when the groups are collapsed, ie next to the 1 Test 1(s), 2 test 5(s), etc.

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