Editing custom themes in o365 admin is disabled

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As part of my SharePoint configuration I apply custom themes. I need to change the colour of the suite bar to match a logo. 

I go to o365 admin > settings > organisational profile > custom themes. But today it's greyed out and I can't make or save any changes. Tried another tenant and same thing happens. I have global admin rights and have always been able to do this. Does anyone know if anything has changed or if there is a global setting that might be affecting this?

Much appreciated, Vicki

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I seem to be able to change them just fine. If you can still repro this, open a support case.

@Vasil Michev Custom themes seems to be glitchy in different browsers. Spoke with Support last week and we found it worked only by reverting to classic mode in the new edge but not chrome and FF. Tried again with another today and it's not working again - still same issue, even with edge. I was able to import a theme via powershell and override theming from there. But something is definitely not right with custom theming from within o365 admin for me.

O365 custom themes seems to be completely broken now. Can't edit colours in any of my tenants, in any browser now. Support has confirmed there is a problem.