Edit the same MS word document simultaneously will cause the document to stop responding

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We have a SharePoint online classic team site, and it contains a document library which have major versioning enabled.  Now users are complaining that when they jointly (around 3 users) work/edit the same document using MS word desktop app, the word will stop responding and the users will face inability to navigate or edit the document, and Word re-paginating making collaborative working very difficult.

So i am not sure what i can do from SharePoint online perspective to fix this issue, as we seems we can not do anything regarding this issue, as there is not any option inside SharePoint online regarding this issue? also is using the MS Word web app to edit the word document simultaneously  instead of using the desktop app can/will help in fixing this issue? 


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@john john 

Hi. Could you specify wich version of office are you using? Office 2016, 2016, pro plus? Is there a limit set for the maximum number of major version?

We had some issue like that in our on premise version with a library allowing minor and major version. We were just reaching the limit for the number of minor version.