Edit Sharepoint library metadata but not Documents

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Is there a way to enable a user to edit the metadata in a sharepoint library but view permissions for the documents. 

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Hi @Niv761 - you could use a Power App with your Library. Note that the permissions would still be the same for the end user, so you'd want to do a few things to help prevent accidental editing of the file: hide from search results, expose the link to the library only on pages secured to certain people and/or use audience targeting in your navigation. And of course, ensure that versioning hasn't been disabled for your library in the event that someone does edit that shouldn't.


For the app, select the SharePoint option which will automatically create a gallery view and a search box for folks to find the right file. Libraries don't show up automatically after you connect your site, but you can type in the name of the library and work with it just like it was a list. Once you've created your app, you can share out the link, embed it on SharePoint pages, add it as a tab in Teams - and folks will only see the option to update the metadata, not the file itself.


Hope that helps!